PLA 75th Anniversary Trivia Answers

Trivia question – 8/13/2019
What is the name of the advocacy training curriculum for public libraries, which PLA launched in 2007?

(A) Transforming our Image

(B) Raising our Voice

(C) Flipping the Script

(D) Turning the Page

Correct answer: D! Turning the Page: Supporting Libraries, Strengthening Communities was originally developed by PLA in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The curriculum helped library leaders and staff build the knowledge and skills they need to raise funds and become better, more empowered advocates.

Trivia question – 7/9/2019
In what year, and in what city, did PLA hold its first national conference?

(A) 1981 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(B) 1982 – St. Louis, Missouri

(C) 1983 – Baltimore, Maryland

(D) 1984 – Indianapolis, Indiana

Correct answer: C! PLA’s first national conference was held March 23-26, 1983 in Baltimore, Maryland. Each of the other cities listed above hosted PLA’s national conference in subsequent years: Pittsburgh in 1988, St. Louis in 1986, and Indianapolis in 2014.

Trivia question – 6/11/2019
Who was the first president of the American Library Association’s Division of Public Libraries, which would later become the Public Library Association?

(A) Forrest Spaulding

(B) Amy Winslow

(C) Louis Nourse

(D) Helen Harris

Correct answer: B! Amy Winslow was named president of the Division of Public Libraries on October 13, 1944, and served in that role until 1946.