Kim DeNero-Ackroyd

Deputy Director, Cleveland Heights-University Heights (OH) Public Library

PLA Member for 16 years (I think!)

PLA gave me my first opportunity for professional volunteering on a national level, for which I will always be grateful. I’ve been involved in committee work, article reviewing for Public Libraries magazine, as well as program planning for two PLA national conferences. Currently, I’m on the Membership Advisory Committee, which has been fun, as I get to contact new PLA members and tell them about educational and volunteer opportunities.

Being involved in PLA has led me to meet and work with colleagues from all over the country. I’ve learned so much about what other libraries do through networking, in addition to attending conference and reading Public Libraries magazine. While everyone knows that PLA is specifically geared for public libraries and librarians, not everyone knows about the variety of ways that they can get involved, get connected with others and get educated.